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Call Us At:+92-307-943-621-3
Call Us At:+92-307-943-621-3
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About Us

What is Rungish

Rungish is a brand made for the everyday trendy female in Pakistan who takes pride in herself and her attire. We at Muggay understand the need for quality goods and affordable prices. our Products are made with love, passion, and the best raw material the word has to offer.

How are we different

We understand how readily fashion trends emerge and fade out. We want to set a new trend that evolves month in and month out. At Rungish, we are doing away with the traditional collections. Instead we will be offering monthly collections that are available for limited time frames only. Ringish aim to focus more on the consumer’s needs then personal gains. Every month we will be releasing a mini collection of 10 articles. At the end of the month, we will still have these products available, but will also launch an additional mini campaign for the next month. This ways we aim to stay ahead of the market and focus more on the consumers needs and wants.

What do we sell

We sell a lifestyle!